While other developers and service providers usually only boast certifications from exams that they couldn’t pass today on a minute’s notice, 43+ years experience is where all of the bragging rights come from on this website!

What good is a certification if the most effort that a person has ever put into it was their cramming for the exam years ago? Does that certification say that they have been active in their field of work since the age of 14? Nope, but I can, I had some crazy geeky hobbies.

Nothing against certifications and people who sport them. It’s just that more often than not, they’re merely a fashion statement and only prove that a person crammed for an exam at some point in the past. Experience is what really matters!

Based in the panhandle of Nebraska, way out west, a stone’s throw from the Wyoming state line. Proving that you don’t have to be from Silicon Valley to be proficient in software and electronics engineering, plus automation and CAD engineering.

Specializing in server back-end software for Linux and Unix, API integration, embedded software for Arduino and ESP32 microcontrollers as well as Raspberry Pi units and clones. Plus custom engineered grow systems for aquaponics/hydroponics with fully automated climate and device control. (see also https://3dgtower.com)

Remote monitoring and management of Linux powered servers and virtual machines also available as a subscription service, whether it’s running Panhandle Ponics software or not.

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