Whether it’s a WordPress plugin, back-end server software, custom scripting, API integration, or even embedded microcontroller code, that can certainly happen! 43+ years of experience makes it possible!

I’ve been programming since my first computer at the age of 14 which was a Timex-Sinclair ZX81 when there was no public internet. If you needed a program, you had to type in the code yourself, you couldn’t just go download a program and run it. That little inconvenience actually turned into an addiction for me, I’ve always had software development tools on every computer that I’ve owned since then.

Who actually needs custom software? Actually, a lot of businesses. Many of them tend to get carried away subscribing to multiple services to handle their daily operations and have no way to tie them all together, which really complicates their reporting and accounting procedures. This is easily resolved by creating an integration that caches data from all of the various APIs into one central database which they can then connect to with Excel or other application.

Since Windows servers are more and more becoming a thing of the past (thanks to Microsoft’s cloud services) I only work with Linux and Unix powered servers now. As a matter of fact, even Microsoft’s cloud services are mostly Linux powered, so it’s clear that they also realize that the Windows Server platform is a dying breed. (Hence, the reason why I now offer RMM services for Linux servers and virtual machines) Therefore, I will have to decline any requests for Windows programming and scripting.

I use C/C++ for anything that requires a compiled executable. I mainly use PHP for anything else that only needs to be interpreted at runtime or needs to run under a web server. I can also use Python where it’s an actual requirement. For server-side scripting, I am very well versed in bash, but I am known to use PHP for that purpose as well since you can do far more sophisticated things with PHP as a shell script.

I am not a front end or mobile app developer since that requires a person with an artistic eye and I don’t have that. As a matter of fact, I only have one functioning eye, so I’ll never be good at that kind of stuff since I don’t see things like other people do. However, I can work with those developers to provide the necessary conduit for their app to communicate with the server via a custom API tailored to their needs.

Please send an email from the contact form if you have a need for any custom programming or scripting or if you are interested in remote monitoring and management of your Linux powered servers or virtual machines. I also do embedded programming for the Arduino and ESP32 platforms as well as electronics engineering based around them.

Clients are provided an account on my Nextcloud server that provides video and text chat where you can instant message me any time. You may use this service through a web browser on a regular computer or by installing the Nextcloud Talk app on your mobile device.