API Integrations Keeping Me Crazy Busy

Of all the software I’ve written in my life, I never would have imagined that something like this would be such a high demand item. What’s funny is that a former employer at a part time job wouldn’t let me solve any problems using one because I was the only person that could build it. Nobody else could maintain it if they had to because none of his techs had any practical programming experience, not even at the hobby or open source level, nor practical scripting.

This seriously makes me laugh and shake my head because the people who have hired me to build these, also don’t have anybody else on staff with any programming experience. Well, you can’t save everybody, just try to have a good supply of popcorn for the meltdown event. I just can’t believe that the owner of an IT support business would rather have an overflowing spaghetti coded disaster piling up instead of a centralized, streamlined, and efficient operation.

Look at all of the existing services that your business uses. How many data sources do you have to utilize? How much copying & pasting or file importing do you have to do between services? Wouldn’t it be cool if you only had to connect to one data source to pull all of the data you need from those data sources? Plus, have it all pre-formatted just the way that you want it? That’s what an API integration does. Why wouldn’t any business want to be more efficient?

Setup time varies and is usually ready for testing in 1 or 2 weeks, depending on the number of data sources and the APIs that your service vendors provide. All of your existing office software still works the same, you’re just opening files from a new location, but those files are actually database tables instead. You can also use API aware apps (such as Microsoft Power BI) to connect to it as well. It’s also easily expandable and customizable to suit future requirements!

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