With the current state of the economy and frequent supply chain issues affecting grocery stores, you really need to be able to grow your own food year-round. Let’s start designing your own grow operation today!

I have been providing consultation services since September of 2016 helping individuals and businesses around the world to plan and design hydroponics and aquaponics powered grow operations using my 3D G-Towers. At the beginning of 2023 I released a complete rewrite of my greenhouse climate control and automation system as open source on GitHub named Climate Czar. As of Q4 of 2023, I have assisted with the design of 170 completed and operational systems. 2024 appears to be a big year in the making with more and more people building their own DIY container farms rather than purchasing turn-key systems that cost as much as a modest home in my area.

Where you get your information from, matters! There are a lot of charlatans selling snake oil online that claim to not only teach growing your own food in hydroponics or aquaponics, but they also compound a get rich quick scheme on top of it. Nope, I’m not saying that you can’t make money selling produce, but you need to know your local market and who your competition is. In most cases, your primary point of competition is a bargain-basement retailer named Walmart.

A person first needs to learn how to fulfill their own needs before trying to fulfill the needs of others. Once you have a bunch of people depending on you and you have a crop failure, recovering from that will be impossible for a new business operator. That is a topic that none of those charlatans ever discuss. I help people build systems for their own needs first, and then expand things later for business after they’ve gotten their feet on the ground.

Here’s what I do…First, I evaluate your household’s needs and the amount of space that you are willing to dedicate for a grow operation. Are you wanting to grow indoors or in a greenhouse? If it’s a greenhouse, I need to learn about your location and weather patterns throughout the year. Your latitude determines whether or not you will need supplemental light since there are fewer hours of sunlight in winter months, and then what kind of lights you will need to use.

What you intend to grow determines the type of planting systems you will need (towers, rails, raft/media beds). If you’re growing in a greenhouse, you can’t grow the same plants year-round due to temperature tolerance. One example would be lettuce, you can’t grow that in a greenhouse in the summer. If you’re growing indoors, then it’s pretty much dealer’s choice, but you will have added operating expense due to grow lights. There are lots of facts to take into consideration.

A huge percentage of people who go into this without the proper guidance will fail, get frustrated, and throw in the towel. If you hire me to help you plan things, you will actually save money because you won’t make incorrect purchases and waste money on the wrong solutions to combat problems. Shoot me a message from the contact form and let me help you approach things the correct way. My rates are far more reasonable than the cost of mistakes!

Clients are provided an account on my Nextcloud server that provides video and text chat where you can instant message me any time. You may use this service through a web browser on a regular computer or by installing the Nextcloud Talk app on your mobile device.