DIY Container Farms On The Rise

People are suddenly building their own container farms at an increasing rate to save money over the cost of the turn-key solutions that sell from $75K to $115K plus delivery and installation. With this brings a lot of people looking to save money on hydroponic growing and climate control systems. 3D G-Tower and Climate Czar fit the bill perfectly for both tasks since they have been tried, tested, and proven in an actual year-round produce greenhouse since 2018!

Did you know that you can build 16 four foot 3D G-Towers with 16 planter pockets each for less than the price of an 8-pack of ZipGrow towers, and still have the 3D printer to print even more towers as needed? Each tower consumes an entire 1 KG roll of PLA filament which averages about $23. That price can be brought down even further by purchasing the filament in bulk. Not only that, they’re more efficient and easier to use because there is no fiber media to fight with!

While there are lots of climate control/monitoring/automation tools out there on the market, nothing beats the flexibility of Climate Czar due to its open-ended and open source design. This is what really makes it possible for people to build their own container farms with all of the same capabilities as the over-priced turn-key systems on the market. You can custom build your system as needed and not be locked into a fixed design that you have to adapt your operation to.

Whether you are looking to build a container farm for your own food supply or build a cluster of them for a produce business, 3D G-Towers and Climate Czar should be the backbone of your operation. There’s no major learning curve involved and I can even assist you with technical obstacles that might be over your head at this time. You want your tower racks to move with the help of robotics or need custom scripts to talk to a specialized device? Not a problem.

Please send me a message from the contact form if you would like to further discuss your options here!

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