RPi Smart Still Support Group?

In regards to the frequent requests for me to create an RPi Smart Still support group on Facebook, I’m sorry, I deleted my Facebook account at midnight on 12/31/2020. I refuse to allow Zuck’s companies to track me and eavesdrop on my conversations ever again. If somebody else wants to create one, that’s perfectly fine with me, but I won’t be having any part of it. I regard the entire platform to be a cesspool, it’s over-run by keyboard warriors and snowflake admins.

The distilling and moonshine groups are the greatest example of this, and the ones that purport themselves as being for beginners or a “school” are beyond annoying. Even the one that is dedicated to the Still Spirits T-500 is a haven for Einstein wannabe snowflake admins. These groups seem to be more focused on teaching people to make lighter fluid with sugar water and yeast, then dumping some kind of flavoring in it and calling it moonshine…Simply laughable!

If I ever do decide to create a support group for this, it will be on MeWe.com like I did for my Climate Czar system. The idea of creating another user account is off-putting for many people, but this helps weed out troublemakers and people who aren’t serious. I just don’t want to create a group where the focus gets distracted by newbie distillers asking if you can ferment and distill things like Mountain Dew and Skittles. Yet another regular Facebook distilling group problem.

In the meantime, I would suggest using the comments section of the relevant YouTube videos to your questions as they are published. If you have questions in regards to other uses for a Raspberry Pi computer, there are Facebook groups for those as well, but they also have the same problems as the distilling groups. Why would you want to run Windows or attempt to play games on one? Don’t ask, because the snowflake admins there also think it’s a valid purpose for one.

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