Summer 2023 Website Changes

Due to the fact that I am located in an area where people think everything has to be price-competitive with Walmart, my greenhouse is now strictly a research and development laboratory and a source for my own food. It doesn’t matter if I can prove that my produce is of higher quality or if I grow things that Walmart doesn’t even sell, people around here still think that it should have a Walmart bargain-basement price tag on it. Sorry, I’m not competing with China Direct.

I really feel sorry for the guy that recently announced his Thirsty Roots Farm here based on a Freight Farms turn-key hydroponics grow system built inside of a shipping container. Those things easily cost 30 times what I spent to build my greenhouse (excluding the installation and out-building). There’s no possible way that he’ll ever recover his investment around here and become profitable. You don’t even want to know what the operating costs are for those things.

With that being the case, this website and domain is now dedicated to the sales of my services. A separate website is dedicated to my 3D G-Tower for hydroponics/aquaponics produce growing and Climate Czar open source automation system for greenhouses and indoor grow operations. The only physical products sold on this website are components for building my RPi Smart Still controller system, everything else is freelance or consultation services.

Services offered here are not identical to the limited-focus services that I offer on freelancer websites, this is in order to avoid conflicts of interest. Please send me a message using the contact form if you are in need of any of the services that I have detailed on this website.

Clients are provided an account on my Nextcloud server that provides video and text chat where you can instant message me any time. You may use this service through a web browser on a regular computer or by installing the Nextcloud Talk app on your mobile device.

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